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Dr. Andreas Albers

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Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 4
Office 2.257, Building: RuW
D-60323 Frankfurt am Main
Research Interests
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Corporate Culture enabling Digital Business
  • Design of Digital Business Platforms
  • Cloud Computing & Artificial Intelligence
  • Perceivable Privacy/Security as Competitive Advantage
Curriculum Vitae 

Thriving whenever there’s an opportunity to create something (radically) new rather than trying to squeeze an extra drop of value out of what already exists … this is what “connected the dots” of Andreas' career path looking back on 20+ years experience in IT. 

Since 2013 Andreas works for Deutsche Telekom’s intl. Cloud Services & Platforms Unit as as Product Manager. His respective tasks involve digitalization of customer touch-points, sales force & customer services enablement (Omni-Channel) and business process automation - where the latter also drives my interest in Artificial Intelligence and its opportunities to foster digital customer experience. 

In addition to working in the telecommunication industry, Andreas works as lecturer for (Mobile) Digital Business at Goethe University Frankfurt at Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security. In this capacity, his topics center around understanding the opportunities of digital business models (esp. in the mobile domain) and the required underlining corporate culture. 

Prior to the current work as product manager / lecturer, Andreas worked before as team lead for the intl. mobile business research group at at Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security as well as intl. project manager and researcher for public funded research projects in the mobile business field. 

As for the business and technical skill foundation required for Andreas' line of work, he is holding a PhD in Internet Economics (Digital Platforms models for Mobile marketing Providers) from Goethe University, Frankfurt as well as a master’s degree in Business Administration & Information Systems and has also been working for 7+ years as software engineer & architect on intl. complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects. 

Andreas is always interested in hearing from digital business experts, AI enthusiasts, managers, former colleagues, or just interesting creative folk, so feel free to contact him if you’d like to connect:

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Refereed Publications
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Working Papers
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Reviewed Project Publications
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Scientific Expertises
  • Albers, Andreas . 2012. "Datenzentrische Geschäftsmodelle im Mobile Business - Herausforderungen im Konflikt zwischen Unternehmenszielen und Datenschutz für mobile Nutzer", Interview - Das Magazin für kompetente & innovative Unternehmen, (1:).
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